Qnap QuTScloud setup network by shell

if you have a Qnap QuTScloud that won’t take dhcp network or there’s a dhcp on network, the only way to start first setup is to login into shell and setup it manually by this step:

1 – default user shell login is: root

2 – first password user is: MAC ADDRESS of network without “:” and all CAPITAL letters

3 – setup the ip with this command: ifconfig eth0 IP netmask IP (where “eth0” is the name of interface and “IP” in the numbers format that you need to setup)

4 – setup the gateway by: ip route add default gw IP ( where “IP” is the numbers of the gateway )

5 – add DNS resolver hosts ( 1 is sufficient ) : echo “nameserver” >> /etc/resolv.conf

6 Рcheck if all good by this commands :  ip addr (show you the ip and subnet of all network interfaces)

6 – cat /etc/resolv.conf to show if dns records is write succeffully.

Now we have the correct setup of Network card and we can start finally the first setup by https://ipaddressofvnas


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